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Accu-Check Aviva Glucometer - New for Diabetes Testing

New! ACCU-CHEK Aviva System

Now you can help make every test strip count as you can test right the very first time.

The wide-mouth strip quickly sucks on the tiny blood drop, helping 97% of diabetes fill the strip on the very first try. Since you only need a small drop of blood, you won't have to keep retesting. The system also has over 150 automatic checks to detect and prevent unreliable results.

The ACCU-CHEK Multiclix lancet device is appears to be less painful among leading lancet devices. It also uses a pre-loaded six-lancet drum, saving you time and the need to handle individual lancets. This could help prevent accidental sticking to your finger or elsewhere

You can test from your fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf.

Your test results appear in 5 seconds.

You do need to place a code plate in the machine everytime you open a new blood sugar strip container. But it is easy to place in the machine.

You only need a small blood sample -- just 0.6 microliter.

The Accu-Check Aviva has a contoured, ergonomic design with easy-to-hold rubber grips.

You can save results.

**500-value memory.**7, 14 and 30-day averages.

Smart data management.

Coming soon: You can download test results to your PC with
; ;
ACCU-CHEK Compass software or the Diabetes Assistant program, their online log.

The glucometer measures 3.7″H x 2.0″W x 0.9″D; weighing 2.1 oz. with a battery.

I like the fact that this machine automatically comes with the six-drum lancet device. Prevents accidentally sticking yourself when placing a lancet in a lancet pen that normally come with other glucometers.

The comfort of holding the machine should be easy for anyone, including senior citizens.

This is a recently new glucometer which just shows how Roche Labs are really in the forefront of helping diabetes manage glucose testing in a much easier and simple way.

The Aviva does automatically come with the alternative site cap so when you receive your glucometer, you can test anywhere.
About the Author

Copyright 2005Fern Kuhn, RNSpecializing in Diabetes


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