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An Introduction to Metal Stamping Machines

Metal stamping machines are used to give the exact shape andparameters to the metal products. When a metal sheet is insertedinto the metal stamping machine, it can be molded into the exactshape. The kind of shape that has to be given to the productshould be pre-determined before putting the metal in thestamping machines. The customer provides a sample or a diagramof the product that has to be created. Sometimes, the customermay not even know what the final product will look like. He willcome with a vague idea of what purpose the product would serve.Most metal stamping producers have designing capabilities toassist the customer with what the actual design and requirementsof the product should be.

Metal stamping machines are of many kinds. They can rangebetween the simplest manual presses to highly computerizedprogressive die processors that involve complicated parts.Depending on the kind of machine, the features of the productcan be changed according to the customer's requirements. Themore advanced the machine, the process also becomes much fasterand more efficient.

Metal stamping machines can perform a
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variety of functions likefine blanking, wireforming, deep drawing, fourslide andmultislide stamping. Fine blanking involves the shearing of thematerial for producing finished parts without secondaryoperations. Wireforming is the stamping of metal wire intodifferent shapes such as springs, clips, rings and pins. Deepdrawing is a cold forming process in which a flat blank of sheetmetal is formed by the action of a punch forcing the metal intoa die cavity. Four slide and multislide stamping is forhorizontal die applications from multiple directions, doneeither successively or simultaneously.

Most metal stamping companies also offer supplementary serviceslike designing, material sourcing, prototyping, short runmanufacturing, upgrading or re-designing, assembly services andspecialty packaging.

About the author:

Metal Stamping Infoprovides detailed information about precision, custom, and sheetmetal stamping, as well as metal stamping machines and metalstamping die. Metal Stamping Info is the sister site of Wire EDM Web.

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